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Long Cycle Ladder

10x 16,24,28,32,32,28,24,16 for time =16:30

3 x 10  split snatch supersetted with 6 towel pullups.


Front Squat Ladder

Sets  of 10 x 16, 24,28,32,28, 24,16 for time=8:00

62kg Clean & Jerk 5 x 10 w/ 1 minute rest ‘tween sets.

Grip work w/ rolling thunder & pinch block

Random workouts, but nothing super serious.  My work schedule keeps changing so it’s impossible to get into a routine.  Also, if I work out too much in the AM, my money making potential diminishes.  Fortunately, the nature of my work keeps me from back sliding too far- I can usually be back up to speed in a couple weeks.


1:30 rest between all sets

2:00 24kg cleans

2:00 24kg jerks

2:00 28kg C&J x 4 sets of 14-15 reps

7 divebomber pushups followed immediately by 20 32kg high pulls on cinder blocks x 3

1 round of grip work.

The summer work season is already taking it’s toll.  No workouts last week due to early starts.  Fortunately, work is physical so I don’t lose much.  In fact, it probably helped; a forced back-off week?

So today, I focused on LC technique by altenating cleans and jerks.  Two components that deserve extra attention are a well-fixated lockout and a clean that lands directly into the rack with no fidgeting.

2:00 work/30 sec rest

2x24kg clean

2x24kg jerks

2x26kg cleans

2x26kg jerks

2x32kg cleans

2x32kg jerks

Didn’t even count reps because I wanted to have laser focus on landing the rack from cleans and jerks. It was work, though!

Followed by several rounds of bag work & burpees, followed by two rounds of grip complex.

Off to work I go!

A few days ago I got a bit zealous with front squats & during one set it felt like my spinal erectors separated from my spine.  End of workout & time for a massage from my loving spouse.

Monday is always test day, but today I have a full day of asphalt work lined up so I certainly didn’t want to smoke my shoulders.  So, what to do?  How ’bout the Ultimate Snatch Test- 10 non-stop minutes of snatches with the 32kg ‘bell.

Since I’d had a few days rest and my internal battery was fully charged, I figured I’d shoot for 200, which would be a PR, but short of the record.  I did a few warm up sets to see what kind of pace I’d need.  Knowing that when things get blurry, my count goes to hell, so I figured I’d just count to 10, switch hands and repeat.  I had my video set up so I could get a final count.

Up to minute 5 things were going well.  At minute 6 I was behind a couple seconds only.  Then fatigue set in around minute 8.  I started switching early as soon as  I lost speed.  I  had completely stopped couting. I had reps to make up and felt I was gaining speed & momentum.  When the timer beeped I just locked out my last rep.  Happily, since I felt I had my 200, I grabbed my camera for a rep count.  Dead, absolutely fn dead.  Fresh batteries,my friend, fresh batteries.

70 32kg LC reps in minimum time = 7 sets  x 10 reps = 18:33

Great cardio workout, but had to remind myself to focus on each clean and each jerk as separate units and not try to just bang out 10 crappy reps.

Followed by 3 rounds of 15 split jumps & rack/lockout drill.(10 sec. rack, 10 sec lockout for 1:30 total)

Grip felt a bit iffy so cut Grip Complex down to one round instead of two.

Went for a run today.  Legs had absolutely no snap due to intense leg work the day prior and two missed meals.  Skipped hill sprints & just kept a decent pace.

It’s Monday, so it only means one thing: Test time!  Today’s test was the 28kg Long Cycle Clean & Jerk.


2 x 28kg x 10 minutes = 62 reps

3 sets of 15 elevated close grip pushups followed immediately by 15 elevated 40kg high-pulls. 1 minute rest between sets.

2 rounds of grip complex

Musings:  Right hand fatigued near the end of the set.  Normally left hand is the weaker so this was a suprise.  Shoulders felt good.  Legs tired, but not severely tight as in the past.  Pacing is tough in this event; too slow in the beginning and it is difficult to make up reps.  Too fast and you’ll just flat die.

Had a person request a video of  the Ultimate Clean & Jerk, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Cardio is doing well, so I did better than expected.  Was hoping to get a personal best, but didn’t expect to jump to the lead.  I apologize for the filming;  somehow the camera got zoomed in too much and can’t see much of the lockout.  Will do better in a couple weeks.


Kettlebell Challenges

Getting serious about Long Cycle now.  The World’s is only 4 months away.  CMS is definitely within reason by the end of May.  CMS for me is 67 reps @ 90kg with the 28kg ‘bells.  I’m planning on hitting 85kg by Comp time and also plan on competing with the 32s but AKC rules may force me to compete with the 28s first since I have no “ranking” in their club.


With special emphasis on a good lockout,

70 32kg Long Cycle reps in 18:23 = 20, 9, 9 ,9, 6, 7, 10

3 sets of Rack/Lockout drill followed immediately by Split jumps

Rack/Lockout Drill consists of staying locked out for 10 seconds, then racking (resting) for 10 seconds.  Went for 1:30

2 rounds of Grip Complex